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The island of honey, this was the name  ancient Greeks and Romans gave the island Melita situated right in the Mediterranean Sea between Europe and North Africa. 

Republic of Malta stands just right below Sicily. It comprises of an archipelago of nine islands, with the two main habitable islands Malta and Gozo.  Comino is the third though, tiny,  habitable island. Nowadays it is a popular location for tourism and filmmaking industries due to the crystal clear, cyan waters  the island bathes in. malta vista

Ever since the archipelago was first colonised thousands of years ago, it have never been far from the centre of events and have often played a crucial role in the making of history. Its strategic situation has attracted empires, while linking Europe with Africa and the Middle East. 

Being placed in the narrow channel joining the eastern and the western basins of the Mediterranean had involved the Maltese Islands into the swirl of the most important historic events : the wars between Romans and the Carthage, the rise of Islam, the Crusades, the wars between Cristians and Moslims, the rise and fall of Napoleon, the era of the British Empire. 

There is scarcely another place of its size that offers so many archeaological sites, cultural monuments, architecture, artifacts and other treasures spanning the entire history of humankind.  The Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Angevins, the Aragonese, the Kights of St.John and the British were amongst the colonizers - all with just one goal : to control the middle of the Mediterranean.

Traces of these cultures can still be found in Malta. Phoenician tombs are quite numerous throughout the country. Dating back to 3000 BC are the megalithic temples, huge stone sculptures, built for veneration of the Goddess of Fertility. These  free standing stone structures are considered to be the oldest in the world.

The Roman Villa and several Roman and early Christian catacombs in Rabat and other sites can be visited. The ancient city of Mdina bears traces of its Arab past. The capital city if Valetta is an open history book on the era of the Knights Hospitaller of St.John. And the British influence is evident in every day life.  

maltese festaFor those who enjoy the vibes of today, Malta offers many bars, reastaurants, cafes, discotheques and Casinos. Whilst for the sportive visitor, many activities can be enjoyed all year round including tennis, golf, sailing, diving, windsurfing, horse riding and paragliding. For admirers  of music, theatre and art, Malta boasts an abundant calendar of cultural events, such as plays, exhibitions, operas, classical performances and also jazz and rock concerts. One can also find a number of cinemas in Valetta, St. Julians, Marsaskala, Budgibba as well as in Gozo.

What is more, Malta prides itself in culinary art. The local gastronomy is mainly European and tends to be based primarily upon French, Italian and Spanish tastes however reflecting national aspect in the choice of ingredients ans seasonal variations. 


The Maltese Islands - Malta, Gozo and Comino - have been home to Hollywood blockbusters such as Gladiator, U-571, The Count of Monte Cristo, Troy, Munich as well as prestigious dramas and sitcoms such as the BBC's Byron and ITV's Coronation Street.